Value pumps

Building a Better Value Pump (via Eugenia Lee)

This article explored how, in order to create a social enterprise with sustainable value to the poor, it should also make the poor more valuable to society. In other words, the best social enterprises are platforms that increase the poor’s own productivity.

Personally, I’ve always liked any approach that involves investment in infrastructure.  It seems like infrastructure, and access to that infrastructure, is what’s lacking in the equation for a lot of people in poverty.  The ‘fishing rod’ in the classic metaphor.

This raises some interesting thoughts:
– How can we make it seem less sketchy to transact with businesses operated from poor environments?  Can we empower entrepreneurs living in poverty?
– Can financial investors make smart investments ahead of growth in poor economies?  How can we make those types of investments attractive?
– What role can crowdsourcing play, where the crowd is the people who are being helped?

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