Stacking business cards

I started a new job a few weeks ago, and my employer unwittingly gave me a bunch of future collectibles and items worthy of a museum. Let’s quickly recap the process: Filled out a bunch of government and insurance forms by hand Got a box full of crisp new business cards Given a plastic corporate […]

GPS gripes

Today I had a minor annoyance with the UI of GPS systems — both the OEM versions in car dashboards as well as handheld and smartphone GPS.  Why is it that in almost every GPS system, you can’t get an instant reroute around a road that’s blocked off? It seems that in the quest to […]

In Google We (Anti)Trust

Today the FTC launched an antitrust inquiry into Google’s core search business. This is a departure from the past, in that it’s not an analysis of their acquisitions as an indicator of trust formation, but rather taking a look at their main business.  Coverage on TechCrunch and WSJ. Naturally, many Google competitors have called for such an investigation […]