Labor-positive innovation

It’s Labor Day 2013, and the people-work we celebrate today is under siege. In Marc Andreessen’s famous words, software is “eating the world,” and every redundant, repetitive job that previously required the skills of a person is a target. Take for example the driverless car that’s been making news lately. In ten years, this technology […]

Design by data: A/B testing

I was just reading Uday Gajendar’s post on why designers don’t like A/B testing. Uday feels that, as a designer, his job is to uphold aesthetic integrity while keeping business metrics in mind. The prevalence of A/B testing, he says, has the effect of diluting a strong design into an “unsightly pastiche of uneven incrementalism.” Though […]

Brand pollution in the home

This morning I walked from the bathroom to the pantry, and for some reason the five minutes that passed left me feeling exhausted.  In that small amount of time, I had passively interacted with over 60 brands. Or rather, been assaulted by them.   Packaged products companies spend millions of dollars on package design to […]

In Google We (Anti)Trust

Today the FTC launched an antitrust inquiry into Google’s core search business. This is a departure from the past, in that it’s not an analysis of their acquisitions as an indicator of trust formation, but rather taking a look at their main business.  Coverage on TechCrunch and WSJ. Naturally, many Google competitors have called for such an investigation […]

Getting into the 10x revenue club

All Revenue is not Created Equal: the 10x Revenue Club What gets a company into the 10x forward price/revenue multiple club? – Competitive advantage period — how wide is the ‘economic moat’ that protects your castle, and how long will it take for that moat to dry up? – Network effects — increasing value of using your product as […]