Given today’s earthquake, I’m going to commemorate it by rounding up my favorite tweets and posts. The building I am in was just told to evacuate. I just evacuated my bowels.  Did the Internet bubble just burst?  Breaking: Remaining East Coast VCs make plans to move West. Last remaining reason to avoid San Francisco just […]


I’m often at a loss for words when I see Americans pushing past all obstacles standing in the path to success. Vigilance, determination, and the one-track mindset is deeply ingrained in the American spirit. We’re trained to jump through hoops and over hurdles. Never stop, and always look ahead. But sometimes the ‘obstacle’ is actually […]

Happy Fakebook Birthday

Monday was my birthday, but you probably missed it. If you’re a friend of mine, you might have a sinking feeling for a moment. How could you possibly have forgotten to wish me a happy birthday? Did you forget to check your birthday reminders? Cue the open tab to Facebook. But wait a minute. This […]

Design by data: A/B testing

I was just reading Uday Gajendar’s post on why designers don’t like A/B testing. Uday feels that, as a designer, his job is to uphold aesthetic integrity while keeping business metrics in mind. The prevalence of A/B testing, he says, has the effect of diluting a strong design into an “unsightly pastiche of uneven incrementalism.” Though […]

Innovation in India

The Financial Times came out with a great piece on the limitations of India’s entrepreneurial development (via @eugenialeee).  A director quoted mentions that in India, the risk-taking required for right-brain thinking is simply not part of the culture. He says that parents are the ultimate source of this limitation, since they question their children and do not want […]

Fear of missing life

A lot’s been written about how, as the Facebook Generation, our notion of real human interaction is slowly being withered away. We’ve diluted the term ‘friend’ into an abyss of meaninglessness. Dating has given way to the indeterminate state of ‘hooking up’. And personal identity is no longer defined by the self. But this is […]

Failure of compromise: the debt ceiling

While reading Howard Marks’ excellent memo on the debt ceiling crisis, titled “Down to the Wire,” I was struck by how deeply the political issue here relates to a core human behavioral problem called irrational escalation of commitment. Escalation is most commonly seen in the context of financial investments.  For example, gambler’s fallacy leads players to […]

Like riding a bike

Today I learned to ride a bike for the first time.  No, this isn’t the beginning of a retrospective on my life as a five year-old. Rapidly approaching my 22nd birthday, I had yet to sit on a bicycle and attempt to ride since my first elementary school. Until today. Several questions naturally arise. What […]

GPS gripes

Today I had a minor annoyance with the UI of GPS systems — both the OEM versions in car dashboards as well as handheld and smartphone GPS.  Why is it that in almost every GPS system, you can’t get an instant reroute around a road that’s blocked off? It seems that in the quest to […]